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Arnold Patio Layers: When springtime arrives each year we start thinking about spending much more time out of the house and of course the garden is the most natural place for that to occur. After a long and wet winter in Arnold, your garden is likely to be just a muddy mess, therefore the installation of a brand new patio should be the best solution to make the garden more functional. If you do already have a patio but it is wonky and overrun with weeds you will be thinking about getting a new one laid down or perhaps just lifting and re-laying the old one if the patio slabs are still usable.

Though a limited patio assignment may well be something that you could do yourself should you be able in that sort of undertaking, it is likely that you may need to get a professional Arnold patio layer to complete the job on your behalf, particularly for more challenging patios. It is not simply the installation of your garden patio you must think about but also the removal and disposal of the waste and the introduction of required patio supplies.

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An expert Arnold patio contractor can advise you on exactly what you can and can't have, recommend and supply correct materials and work out the best patio design for you to sit nicely in your available space. Request a brochure, most reliable patio builders will have a portfolio of patio work that they have recently carried out in the Arnold area. By seeing this brochure you ought to be able to get an idea of just what your job will be like when its done, this will assist you to choose your preferred materials and design.

The Planning of The Project: You must confer with your chosen patio expert in relation to certain matters which have to be decided in the planning stage, for instance: where is the perfect position for your patio, does the area need levelling, does it need to slope away from the house, the accurate measuring of the area to be patioed, are there any obstacles to consider such as (drain covers, trees etc), what is your patio area to be used for, how easy will it be to access the patio, what materials you are using and other concerns which your Arnold patio specialist will highlight.

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Preparation of the Area: This stage of the patio project should include the extraction and disposal of surrounding materials and any existing paving waste, extraction of the topsoil layer to reach the more stable sub-soil, putting in of a sub-base or hardcore material and the subsequent levelling and pressing down of this material, covering with a bedding material like sharp sand.

Paving the Area: When all has been prepared your patio specialist will begin putting down the slabs, exactly how this stage proceeds will depend upon the materials you decided on, and should be reasonably uncomplicated if the ground preparation was executed properly and the resulting base is stable and flat.

Materials: There are a vast assortment of materials that you can use for building patios, amongst the most widely used are: sandstone, composite tiles, limestone, bricks, slabs, granite, setts, cobbles, slate, asphalt, concrete, gravel and blocks.

Patio Edging Arnold: Dependant upon the planned layout and style of the patio, you may possibly be able to incorporate a complimentary edging which really finishes a patio off nicely. You can buy several types of patio edgings, although they will not all be appropriate for your specific patio finish, so be sure to choose carefully if you want to go with an edging. You could have a coping stone edging, a contoured stone edging, a brick/blockwork edging, a rounded kerbstone edging or a short brick wall edging. Talk to your Arnold patio layer about the available options and find out what they believe will best go with your patio. They will probably have images of patio edgings they've used on other projects.

Patio Slabs/Paving Slabs Arnold: Patio or paving slabs are available in all shapes and sizes, the prices can differ widely as well. Which kind of slabs you use for your patio might be influenced by personal preference, your budget, current trends and the need to match pre-existing materials. The favourite patio slabs used in Arnold gardens today are made of sandstone or concrete and a variety of these can be obtained in local garden centres and DIY merchants. Prices (at the time of writing) start at around £3 up to £15 though they are generally sold in bulk packs. Typical sizes are: 300x300mm, 450x450mm and 600x600mm, the thicknesses vary from 22mm to 38mm.

Hard Landscaping Arnold: Patios, paths and driveways all come under the umbrella term of "hard landscaping" (or sometimes "hardscaping"), which primarily signifies any kind of garden architecture and design made of construction materials, in contrast to plant related materials such as trees, shrubs and grass, which are generally referred to as "soft landscaping". To a degree garden furniture may also be termed as "hard landscaping".

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Patio Cleaning Arnold: If you're putting down a whole new patio in Arnold then you will most likely not be thinking about patio cleaning, although you'll need to do this on a fairly regular basis so as to keep your new patio looking in tip top shape. If you are extending or adding onto an existing patio then it might be advisable to get the old patio slabs cleaned so that they blend in with the new slabs. In most cases patio cleaning is done by or chemical cleaning and local Arnold patio cleaning contractors will quite possibly provide both of those services. Professionals use very high pressure equipment which is far better than the kind of jet washer many people have in their garage.

Patio Grouting Arnold: With existing patios one of the main issues is with cracked and crumbling grouting or joints. When this happens your patio area may look a mess and no doubt have grass and weeds poking up in between the slabs. You can use weedkiller to alleviate this issue or saturate the weeds with boiling water which is a great non-chemical technique to eliminate weeds. Repairing the grout can be a big job and the hardest task is to rake out the old grout which is probably going to be a sand and cement mortar. If your slabs are rocking and loose replacing the joints is pointless since it is unlikely to make much difference, and you need to to get the whole thing re-done. If your slabs are reasonably stable and secure you can rake out the damaged mortar with a patio knife, a hammer and bolster or better still a diamond tipped blade in an angle grinder. Give the whole area a thorough cleanup when you're done and re-joint the slabs using a polymeric or resin grout. Some of these use a dry brush-in system and others are applied using the wet slurry method.

Resin Bound Patios Arnold: A more contemporary invention that is in the main used for driveways in Arnold, but can equally be adapted for patios is the resin bound process. A resin bound surface is made up of a combination of resin and aggregate stones which is mixed cold, on-site. The surface is permeable, allowing rain water to pass easily through it, reducing the surface water problems that can occasionally arise with paving slabs. Resin bound patios and driveways are also colour fast, available in different colours, long lasting, attractive, hardwearing, UV stable, slip resistant, weed resistant and easy to maintain, they are additionally incredibly adaptive and can easily incorporate custom designs and logos, making them perfect for commercial as well as residential use.

Patio Furniture Arnold: After you've finished your patio you'll have to buy the patio furniture to complement your new outdoor space. There is plenty to consider when purchasing patio furniture and you ought to spend just as much time over this decision as you would in shopping for furniture for the interior of your home. Throughout the summer months you'll probably spend more of your time relaxing on your patio as you do in the house, so taking your time is vital. Don't just squeeze in as much furniture as you can, you need to utilize the space intelligently. It might be a nice approach to continue the colour scheme from the inside to the outside of the house, this helps to preserve the smooth flow of the space.

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Artificial Grass Arnold: Another option which you may want to consider instead of a paved patio is artificial grass, which can be similarly long lasting and low maintenance and can be done a good deal more cheaply than a stone patio and with less mess and disruption. Artificial grass looks similar to genuine grass, both from a distance and close up, but it never has to be mowed and doesn't grow. If you're in need of a more economical solution for your garden space in Arnold, then artificial grass might be just the perfect alternative for you. A lot of concrete and stone can look very drab your garden area, the natural green colour of artificial grass is easier on the eye and more soothing. The cost of artificial grass in Arnold is on a par with cheap quality paving slabs but less than half the cost of high end patio slabs.

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