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Bedlington Patio Layers: As soon as the spring appears every year most of you contemplate spending more time in the fresh air and obviously the garden (for the lucky ones that have one) is the most common place to begin. After a windy and wet winter in Bedlington, the garden will likely be a bit too muddy to walk on, so laying down a splendid new patio should be the answer to this issue. If you've already got a patio but it's starting to get overgrown with weeds and wonky you could be thinking about having a new one or perhaps just lifting up and relaying the existing one if the slabs are still fit for purpose.

Although a modest patio project is perhaps something you could attempt by yourself if you are able in that sort of undertaking, its likely that you'll want to employ the services of a specialist Bedlington patio layer to manage the project on your behalf, especially for complex patios. It isn't simply the installation of your garden patio that you need to think about but also the removing and disposal of the waste materials and the introduction of required patio supplies. You should keep in mind that building patios can be quite heavy work, especially if your existing patio was bedded in concrete. A big patio slab with a chunk of concrete on is going to be extremely heavy, so you should at the very least enlist someone to assist you in lifting these, should you choose to tackle it yourself.

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A reliable Bedlington patio layer should be able to advise you on what you should and shouldn't have, suggest and supply suitable materials and produce the ideal patio design for you to suit your available area. Request a brochure, any decent patio layer will be willing to let you look at a portfolio of work they have previously completed in the Bedlington area. By seeing this portfolio you might be able to get an idea of just what your project will be like when it is finished, this enables you to choose your layout and materials.

The Planning of Your Project: You really should consult with your patio specialist concerning specific factors which must be decided during the planning stage, for example: easy access to the patio, what is the perfect location for your patio, what is the patioed area to be used for, what materials you are using, the accurate measuring of the area to be patioed, are there any obstacles to think about such as (drains, trees etc), does it need to slope away from the house, does the area need to be levelled as well as other issues which your Bedlington patio expert will point out.

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Area Preparation: This stage of the patio project will involve the extraction and disposal of surrounding materials and any existing paving waste, removal of the topsoil layer to reach the firmer sub-soil, putting in of a hardcore or sub-base and the resulting pressing down and levelling of this material, covering with a bedding material like sharp sand.

The Laying of the Paving: When everything has been got ready the patio contractor will commence laying the slabs, just how this level proceeds will depend upon the materials you have picked, and ought to be pretty straightforward if the surface preparation was done correctly and the base is stable and flat.

Patio Edging Bedlington: Depending on the planned layout and style of the patio, you may possibly be able to incorporate an edging which will really finish the job off nicely. You can buy several kinds of edgings for patios, although they'll not all be appropriate for your particular patio finish, so be certain to choose the right product if you decide to go for an edging. You could use a contoured stone edging, a rounded kerbstone edging, a coping stone edging, a blockwork/brick edging or a low brick wall edging. Check with your Bedlington patio installer about the available options and what they believe will go best with your patio. They may have images of patio edgings they have used on previous projects.

Materials: You can find a diverse array of materials which you may use for building patios and terraces, among the most popular are: slabs, setts, cobbles, limestone, granite, asphalt, gravel, concrete, slate, sandstone, bricks, composite materials and blocks.

Patio Design Ideas BedlingtonPatio Design Ideas Bedlington: The variety of design and layout ideas that can be used in a patio are limitless and if you aren't good at designing stuff you might choose to talk to a local Bedlington patio design specialist or landscaper if you're planning something elaborate. You might prefer to keep it simple and go with a plain square or rectangular shape on one level or you could go crazy and merge different shapes on split levels to give more character to your patio or look better on an inclined garden for instance. Tailor-made patios can be expensive so be alert to your budget requirements constantly and if you're aiming for a cheap patio, keep it simple. Specific aspects of your patio are likely to be affected by the space that is available and the shape of your garden, if there is not much space your choices may be somewhat restricted. Your local Bedlington patio specialist will be able to advise you on how best to proceed. A few ideas for patios which may get you mind whirring include: a brick patio, a circular patio, a mosaic patio, a free form patio, a split-level patio, a textured concrete patio or a stone patio. Have a look around Google Images or Pinterest for additional creative ideas.

Patio Slabs/Paving Slabs Bedlington: Patio slabs or paving slabs are available in all manner of shapes and sizes, their prices can differ widely too. Which type of slabs you use for your patio might be influenced by your planned budget, personal taste, current fashions and the need to match existing materials. The favourite patio slabs used in Bedlington gardens nowadays are made from sandstone or concrete and these are readily available in local garden centres and DIY stores. Prices (in 2018) range from about £3 up to £15 each though they are often sold in packs or 20 or more.

Driveway Installation Bedlington: When you are having a new patio laid you may also decide to renew your driveway too. Some patio builders in Bedlington will also be prepared to tackle this task for you, and it is often advantageous to get it done simultaneously so that you only generate one lot of mess and you are able to use the same skip for the removal of waste. This will of course depend on your budget and whether it will stretch to this extra work, but it's certainly worth considering.

Hard Landscaping Bedlington: Patios, pathways and driveways are all described by the umbrella term of "hard landscaping", which simply means any sort of garden architecture and design fashioned from construction materials, as opposed to plant related materials like trees, shrubs and grass, which are known as "soft landscaping". To a degree garden furniture might also be described as "hard landscaping".

Patio Grouting Bedlington: With old patios one of the chief issues is with crumbling joints or grouting. When this happens the patio area can look messy and likely have grass and weeds poking up between the slabs. You can use weedkiller to alleviate this problem or pour boiling water on the weeds which is a very good way to eliminate weeds without using chemicals. Re-doing the grout isn't easy and the toughest thing is to rake out the existing grout which is most likely a cement and sand mix. If your patio slabs are loose and rocking it is pointless replacing the joints as it is unlikely to solve the issue, and you really need to get the entire area re-done. If the slabs are secure you can hook out the old mortar using a patio knife, a hammer and bolster or better still a diamond tipped blade in an angle grinder. Give the entire patio a good cleanup when you're done and re-joint the slabs using a resin or polymeric grout. Some use a dry brush-in system and others are applied using the wet slurry process.

Flagstone Patios Bedlington: Of all the materials which can be used for constructing a patio, flagstone is considered one of the best. There are a number of reasons why you must consider this option for your new patio in Bedlington, and these include the fact that they have distinctive, irregular shapes and textures, flagstone patios look more organic and natural, flagstones come in a variety of subtle shades, they are long lasting and durable, flagstones can be laid dry to give a permeable surface therefore preventing standing water, flagstones are just the thing for "free form" patios, providing plenty of scope for creativity and plants can be grown between the stones to soften the look. This type of patio has huge appeal mostly due to the fact that flagstones are natural quarried stones cut from bluestone, limestone, sandstone, slate and travertine.

Resin Bound Driveways and Patios Bedlington: A more recent innovation which is mostly used for driveways in Bedlington, but can easily be used for patios is the resin bound technique. A resin bound surface is made up of a mixture of resin and coloured aggregate stones which is mixed on-site, cold. The surface is permeable, enabling rain water to pass easily through it, reducing some of the flooding issues that may occur with paved patios. Resin bound patios are also long lasting, durable, colour fast, slip resistant, UV stable, attractive, easy to maintain, available in different colours and weed resistant, they are in addition very adaptive and can easily incorporate bespoke designs and logos, making them great for business as well as home use.

Patio Furniture Bedlington: Once you've finished your patio you will need to buy some beautiful patio furniture to complement your newly created outside space. There's a lot to think about when buying patio furniture and you should spend just as much time over this process as you would shopping for furniture for the inside of your house. During the summertime you'll probably spend more time relaxing on your patio as you do inside, so doing it correctly is important. Don't just squeeze in as much furniture as you can, you should use the space wisely. It is often a good concept to continue your colour scheme from the inside to the outside of the house, this helps to preserve the flow of the space.

Artificial Grass Bedlington

Artificial Grass Bedlington: Another option which you may want to look at instead of a patio is artificial grass, which can be equally long lasting and low maintenance but can be done considerably more cheaply than a paved patio and with less disruption and mess. Artificial grass looks similar to real grass, both from a distance and close up, but it never has to be mowed and doesn't grow. If you are looking for a more affordable solution for your garden space in Bedlington, then artificial grass could just be the alternative for you. Too much stone and concrete can give a very stark appearance to your garden area, the green colour of artificial grass is easier on the eye and much more soothing. The cost of putting in artificial grass in Bedlington is similar to doing it with cheap quality paving but less than half the cost of high end paving slabs.

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