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London Patio Layers: As soon as springtime arrives every year most of you contemplate spending much more time in the fresh air and obviously the garden is the most obvious place for that to happen. After a wet and gloomy winter in London, the garden could be a bit of a quagmire, so putting in a nice new patio could be the obvious answer to get your garden ready for the summer. If you've already got a patio but it is out of level and overgrown with weeds you could be wondering about having a new one put in or perhaps just lifting and re-laying the existing one if the patio slabs are still sound and fit for purpose.

While a small patio project is perhaps something you could undertake yourself should you be confident in this kind of undertaking, it is most likely that you will need to hire the services of a professional London patio layer to carry out the job on your behalf, especially for more complex patios. It is not merely the installing of your garden patio that you have to take into account but the removing and disposal of the waste and the introduction of the new patio products.

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A skilled London patio layer will advise you on exactly what you may and may not have, recommend and supply the right materials and produce an ideal patio design for you to sit nicely in your available area. Ask for a brochure, most dependable patio contractors will carry a portfolio of jobs which they have recently accomplished in the London area. By using this portfolio you might be able to get a good idea of precisely what your project will be like when it is complete, this will aid you to pick out your materials and layout.

The Planning of The Project: You need to speak to your chosen patio expert in relation to specific things which have to be decided in the planning stage, for example: does it need to slope away from the property, what is the perfect position for your patio, the measuring the area to be patioed, what patio materials are to be used, are there any obstacles to consider such as (trees, drains etc), does the area need levelling out, what is the patio area going to be used for, easy access to the patio and also other concerns which your London patio builder will point out.

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Area Preparation: This phase of the patio project will include the removing and disposal of surrounding materials and old paving waste, digging up of topsoil to reach the more stable sub-soil, introduction of a hardcore or sub-base and the resulting levelling and pressing down of this material, overlaying with a bedding layer like sharp sand.

The Final Paving: When everything is got ready the patio specialist will start laying the slabs, how this process proceeds will depend upon the exact materials you've selected, and might be comparatively straightforward if the surface preparation was carried out properly and the final base is sound and level.

Materials Used for Paving: You can find a vast array of materials that may be used for building a patio, amongst the most widely used are: gravel, bricks, granite, sandstone, setts, asphalt, slate, composite blocks, limestone, concrete, slabs, cobbles and blocks.

Patio Edgings London: Dependant upon the layout and style of your patio, you may possibly be able to include a smart edging which really finishes a patio off nicely. You can find several types of edgings for patios, although they'll not all be suited to your particular patio finish, so be certain to choose carefully if you decide to go for an edging. You could use a low brick wall edging, a contoured stone edging, a brick/blockwork edging, a kerbstone edging or a coping stone edging. Ask your London patio installer regarding the options and what they think will go best with your style of patio. They will probably have images of patio edgings they've used on previous projects.

Patio Design Ideas LondonPatio Design Ideas London: The number of design and layout ideas which can be applied to a patio are endless and if you aren't good at designing things you should confer with a local London patio design specialist or landscaper if you're planning something fancy. You could keep it simple with a simple rectangular or square shape on a single level or you could go crazy and merge split levels and different shapes to give your patio more character or look better on an inclined garden for example. Custom patios can be expensive so keep a check on your budget at all times and if you are leaning towards a cheap patio, keep the design simple. Specific facets of your patio are going to be influenced by the space that's available and the shape of your garden, if there is limited space your alternatives will be somewhat restricted. Your local London patio specialist will advise you on the best way to proceed. Some ideas for patios which may get you thinking include: a circular patio, a pattern imprinted concrete patio, a mosaic patio, a free form patio, a split-level patio, a brick patio or a flagstone patio. Check out Flickr or Google Images to get more inspiration.

Paving Slabs/Patio Slabs London: Patio or paving slabs are offered in all manner of shapes and sizes, the prices can differ widely as well. Which slabs you use for your patio could be dependant upon personal tastes, current fashions, your budget and whether you need to match existing materials. The most popular patio slabs laid in London nowadays are made from sandstone or concrete and a wide variety of these can easily be purchased in garden centres and DIY merchants. Prices (in 2018) range from around £3 up to £15 though they're often sold in bulk packs.

Flagstone Patios London: Of the many materials that can be used for creating a patio, flagstone is considered one of the best. There are many reasons why you ought to consider this option for your new patio in London, such as the fact that they can be laid dry to provide a permeable surface, they come in a variety of subtle shades, they are ideal for "free form" patios, plants or grasses can be grown between the stones to soften the look, flagstone patios are durable and last for many years, flagstone patios look more natural and flagstones have distinctive, irregular textures and shapes. These kinds of patio have wide appeal primarily due to the fact that flagstones are natural stones which are quarried and fashioned from slate, sandstone, limestone, travertine and bluestone.

Resin Bound Patios London: A more modern invention which is primarily used for creating driveways in London, but can effectively be used for patios is the resin bound process. A resin bound surface comprises a mixture of coloured aggregate stones and resin which can be mixed on-site, cold. The finished surface is permeable, permitting rain water to pass through it, preventing some of the surface water problems that occasionally occur with paved patios. Resin bound patios are also durable, long lasting, available in lots of colours, colour fast, slip resistant, attractive, weed resistant, UV stable and easy to maintain, they are additionally incredibly adaptive and can readily incorporate customized designs and logos, making them perfect for business as well as private use.

Problems With London Patios: Throughout this site I have covered some of the problems that can affect a pre-existing patio, but to reiterate, here are the chief issues which are likely to occur with a patio: damaged or cracked slabs, slabs covered in moss, lichen and algae, standing water, weeds growing in the joints, slabs that are loose or unstable, stained patio slabs, trip hazards due to uneven slabs, collapsed patio edgings, patio slabs that have moved or sunk, dirty patio slabs.

Patio Furniture London: As soon as you've finished your patio you'll need to buy some patio furniture to complement your newly created outside space. There is a lot to consider when buying patio furniture and you need to put as much thought into this part of the process as you would in acquiring furniture for the interior of your house. Throughout the summer season you'll probably spend more time lounging on your patio as you do in the house, so taking your time is important. You should not just pack in as much furniture as you can, you should utilize the space smartly. It might be a neat approach to continue your colour scheme from the interior to the exterior, this helps to preserve the smooth flow of the space.

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Artificial Lawns London: Something which you might want to look at rather than a paved patio is artificial grass, which can be similarly long lasting and low maintenance but can be done considerably more cheaply than a paved patio and with less disruption and mess. Artificial grass looks similar to real grass, both close up and from a distance, but it doesn't grow and never needs mowing. If you are on the lookout for a more economical solution for your precious garden space in London, then artificial grass might just be the answer for you. An excessive amount of concrete and stone can give a very drab appearance to your garden area, the green colour of artificial grass is more soothing and easier on the eye. The cost of installing artificial grass in London is roughly the same as doing it with the cheapest quality paving but less than half the cost of higher end patio slabs.

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