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Shrewsbury Patio Layers: As soon as springtime arrives every year most people contemplate spending much more time in the fresh air and of course the garden (for those that have one) is the most obvious place to begin. After a gloomy and wet winter in Shrewsbury, your garden might be a bit too muddy to do much, therefore laying a clean new patio could be the best answer to this. If you already have a patio but it has become out of level and overgrown with weeds you will probably be contemplating getting a new one built or perhaps getting the existing one taken up and re-laid if the patio slabs are still in a good state of repair.

While a smaller patio assignment may well be something you could do yourself if you are conversant with this kind of work, it is likely that you'll want to identify a competent Shrewsbury patio layer to carry out the job on your behalf, particularly for more complicated patios. It is not merely the laying of your garden patio that you must take into account but the removal and disposal of the resulting waste matter and the introduction of required patio products. You need to bear in mind that installing patios is heavy work, particularly when the existing patio was concreted in place. A big paving slab with a chunk of concrete on is going to be pretty weighty, therefore at least ask somebody to help you lift these, if you choose to go it alone.

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A knowledgeable Shrewsbury patio builder can give you advice on exactly what you can and can't have, suggest and supply suitable materials and produce the best patio design for you to compliment your available space. Always ask for a brochure, any reliable patio contractor will have access to a portfolio of jobs that they have previously accomplished in the Shrewsbury area. By seeing this brochure you might be able to get an idea of precisely what your job will be like when it is complete, this will help you to pick out your preferred layout and materials.

Project Planning: You should check with your patio contractor concerning things that must be decided during the planning stage, like: does the area need to be levelled, what materials you are using, are there any obstacles in the way (manholes, trees etc), access to the patio, does it need to slope away from buildings, what's the perfect position for your patio, what is your patio area going to be used for, the measuring the area to be patioed and other considerations that your Shrewsbury patio specialist will explain.

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Preparation of the Area: This stage of the patio project will include the removing and disposal of surface materials and existing paving waste, extraction of the topsoil layer to get down to the more stable sub-soil, introduction of a sub-base or hardcore and the subsequent compacting and levelling of this material, overlaying using a bedding material for instance sharp sand.

Paving the Area: When everything has been prepared the patio layer will start putting down the patio slabs, precisely how this level proceeds will depend upon the materials you opted for, and ought to be comparatively uncomplicated so long as the ground preparation was executed correctly and the base is flat and solid.

Patio Edging Shrewsbury: Depending on the style and layout of your patio, you may be able to incorporate a snazzy edging which really gives a patio that professional finish. You can find many types of edgings for patios, although they will not all be suitable for your specific patio finish, so make sure you choose carefully if you opt to go for an edging. You could use a wavy stone edging, a coping stone edging, a rounded kerbstone edging, a blockwork/brick edging or a low brick wall edging. Ask your Shrewsbury patio layer about the available options and find out what they think will best go with your patio. They could have images of patio edgings they have used on past jobs.

Paving Materials: There is a broad array of materials which you can use for building a patio, amongst the most widely used are: concrete, gravel, composite tiles, slabs, asphalt, cobbles, limestone, setts, bricks, sandstone, granite, slate and blocks.

Patio Ideas ShrewsburyPatio Design Ideas Shrewsbury: The assortment of layout and design ideas that can be applied to your patio are endless and unless you're quite skilled at designing things you may want to confer with a local Shrewsbury patio design specialist or landscaper if you are planning something extravagant. You might prefer to keep it simple and go with a simple rectangular or square shape on a single level or you could go crazy and combine various shapes on split levels to give more character to your patio or fit in with a sloping garden for instance. Tailor-made patios can be pricey so keep your budget in mind constantly and if you're leaning towards a cheap patio, keep to a simple design. Certain facets of your patio are going to be dependent upon the shape of your garden and the space you have available, if you have limited space your options may be restricted. Your local Shrewsbury patio specialist will advise you on the best way to proceed. A few ideas for patios that may give you inspiration include: a split-level patio, a free form patio, a textured concrete patio, a mosaic patio, a block paved patio, a flagstone patio or a circular patio..

Paving Slabs/Patio Slabs Shrewsbury: Patio or paving slabs are available in all manner of sizes and shapes, their prices can vary widely too. Which slabs you select for your own patio might be influenced by current trends, your allowed budget, whether you need to match pre-existing materials and personal tastes. The most popular patio slabs laid in Shrewsbury nowadays are made from sandstone or concrete and a variety of these can be obtained in DIY merchants and garden centres. Prices (at the time of writing) start from roughly £3 up to £15 although they're usually sold in bulk packs of 20 or more. Typical sizes are: 300x300mm, 450x450mm and 600x600mm, the thicknesses vary from 22-38mm.

Driveways Shrewsbury: While you're getting a new patio laid you may also need to upgrade your driveway as well. Some patio builders in Shrewsbury will also deal with this job for you, and it may be better to get it done simultaneously so that you only generate one lot of mess and you will be able to use the same skip for your waste removal. This of course will depend upon your budget and whether or not it will stretch to this extra work, but it is definitely worth looking at.

Hard Landscaping Shrewsbury: Pathways, patios and driveways can all be grouped under the umbrella term of "hard landscaping", which quite simply signifies any type of garden architecture and design created with construction materials, in contrast to plant related materials like shrubs, grasses and trees, which are generally referred to as "soft landscaping". Sometimes garden furniture could also be termed as "hard landscaping".

Resin Bound Patios and Driveways Shrewsbury: A more recent invention which is primarily used for driveways in Shrewsbury, but can also be used for patios is the resin bound system. A resin bound surface comprises a combination of coloured aggregate stones and resin which is mixed on-site, cold. The finished surface is permeable, enabling water to pass through it, reducing some of the flooding issues that can sometimes occur with paved areas. Resin bound patios are also hardwearing, long lasting, weed resistant, available in lots of colours, non-slip, attractive, colour fast, relatively maintenance free and UV stable, they are in addition highly versatile and can easily incorporate customized designs and logos, making them suitable for commercial as well as residential use.

Patio and Driveway Sealing Shrewsbury: Applying sealer is the perfect way to preserve your paved area, patio, path or driveway in Shrewsbury and is especially effective for block paved areas where the sand joints can be eroded whilst cleaning. Sealing helps prevent this damaging loss of sand that's a typical issue when jetting in particular. This is not the only benefit of sealing which should also avert staining, extend the lifespan of your patio or driveway, make the paved area easier and quicker to clean, prevent the growth of grass, weed and moss, reduce the necessity for repairs and improve the colour of your paving blocks or slabs. Patio and driveway sealers are water resistant and don't blister or peel, various types can be purchased for different materials including tarmac restorers, natural stone sealants, block paving sealants and imprinted concrete sealants. (Tags: Driveway Sealing Shrewsbury, Patio Sealing Shrewsbury)

Patio Furniture Shrewsbury: After you've finished work on your patio you'll have to purchase the patio furniture to complete your new outdoor space. There's plenty to consider when buying patio furniture and you should put as much thought into this process as you would shopping for furniture for the inside of your home. During the summer you'll likely spend more time lounging on your patio than you do indoors, so having a measured approach is important. Don't merely squeeze in as much furniture as you can, you should use the available space sensibly. It might be a nice idea to continue the colour scheme through from the interior to the exterior of the house, this helps to maintain the natural flow of the space.

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