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Taunton Patio Layers: The minute the spring arrives each year most people start thinking about spending much more time out of the house and obviously the garden is the most obvious place for that to occur. After a wet and windy winter in Taunton, the garden is likely to be a bit too muddy to do much, so putting in a splendid new patio may be the easiest solution to make the garden usable. If you do already have a patio but it is starting to get covered with weeds and wonky you might well be considering getting a new one or perhaps just lifting and re-laying the existing one if the patio slabs are still sound and in good condition.

Although a modest patio assignment might be something that you could carry out by yourself if you are conversant with this sort of work, it is likely that you will have to get a skilled Taunton patio layer to carry out the project for you, particularly for more challenging patios. It isn't only the installing of your garden patio that you should take into account but also the removing and disposal of the waste and the introduction of the new patio supplies. You should bear in mind that laying patios is fairly heavy work, especially if the existing slabs were concreted in position. A big patio slab with a layer of concrete on is likely to be pretty heavy, therefore at least get somebody to assist you in lifting these, if you decide to do-it-yourself.

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A professional Taunton patio builder will give you advice on what you can and can't have, recommend and order correct materials and produce an effective patio design for you to suit your available area. Demand a sales brochure, most decent patio builders will have access to a portfolio of jobs that they have recently completed in the Taunton area. From this portfolio you might be able to get a good idea of precisely what your job will look like when it is finished, this will aid you to pick out your preferred design and materials.

Project Planning: It's best to speak with your patio specialist in relation to specific factors which have to be decided in the planning stage, for example: what's the perfect location for your patio, the accurate measuring of the area to be patioed, easy access to the patio, are there any obstacles to think about such as (manholes, trees etc), does the area need to be levelled, do you require a gradient away from buildings, what materials are you using, what is the patio area to be used for and other matters that your Taunton patio specialist will explain.

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Preparing the Area: This step of the patio project includes the removal and disposal of surface materials and any old paving waste, removal of the topsoil layer to get down to the more stable sub-soil, putting in of a hardcore material or sub-base and the resulting levelling and tamping of this material, overlaying using a bedding layer such as sharp sand.

The Final Paving: When everything is got ready your patio specialist will begin laying the slabs, just how this stage proceeds depends upon the materials you've chosen, and will be relatively straightforward so long as the surface preparation was executed properly and the final base is sound and flat.

Patio Edging Taunton: Although it will depend on the planned style and layout of the patio, you may be able to add an edging which will really finish the job off nicely. You can find many types of edgings for patios, although they will not all be suited to your particular patio finish, so make sure you choose the right product if you decide to go with an edging. You could use a low brick wall edging, a coping stone edging, a blockwork/brick edging, a wavy stone edging or a kerbstone edging. Check with your Taunton patio layer regarding the available options and find out what they think will best go with your patio. They will probably have images of patio edgings they have used in the past.

Materials for Paving: You can find a diverse range of materials which may be used for building patios and terraces, amongst the most popular are: granite, setts, asphalt, gravel, composite materials, cobbles, bricks, limestone, sandstone, concrete, slabs, slate and blocks.

Patio Design Ideas TauntonPatio Ideas Taunton: The number of layout and design ideas that can be used for a patio are endless and unless you're quite good at designing stuff you may choose to talk to a local Taunton landscaper or patio design specialist if you have your heart set on something complicated. You could keep it simple and go with a simple rectangular or square shape on a single level or you could go wild and combine different shapes on split levels to give more character to your patio or fit into an inclined garden for example. Custom patios can be expensive so keep your budget in mind at all times and if you're looking for a cheap patio, keep to a simple design. Certain facets of your patio will be dependent on the space that is available and the shape of your garden, if there is limited space your choices may be somewhat restricted. Your local Taunton patio specialist will give you advice on how best to proceed. Several patio ideas that might get you on track include: a block paved patio, a circular patio, a poured concrete patio, a free form patio, a mosaic patio, a split-level patio or a flagstone patio..

Driveway Installation Taunton: While you're having a new patio laid you may also decide to install a driveway too. Some patio builders in Taunton will be happy to tackle this job for you, and it is often advantageous to get it done simultaneously so that you only have one lot of mess and you will be able to use the same skip for your waste removal. This of course will be dependent on your budget and whether or not it will extend to this extra work, however it is certainly worth looking at.

Hard Landscaping Taunton: Patios, paths and driveways are all described by the umbrella term of "hard landscaping" (occasionally called "hardscaping"), which effectively signifies any sort of garden design and architecture which utilizes construction materials, as opposed to plant related materials like shrubs, grasses and trees, which are generally referred to as "soft landscaping". In some instances garden furniture is also termed as "hard landscaping".

Patio Grouting Taunton

Patio Grouting Taunton: With old, pre-existing patios one of the key problems is with cracked joints or grouting. If this is the case with yours then the patio can look messy and have weeds and grass poking up between the slabs. You could continually use weedkiller to relieve the issue or pour boiling water on the weeds which is an excellent non-chemical way to destroy weeds. Re-doing the grout can be challenging and the hardest task is to remove the existing grout which is most likely a sand and cement mix. If your patio slabs are loose and moving there is little point replacing the joints because it will not solve the issue, and you actually need to get the entire patio re-slabbed. If your slabs are relatively secure and stable you can press on and rake out the old mortar using a hammer and bolster, a patio knife or better still an angle grinder with a diamond tipped blade. Give the entire area a really good cleanup once you're finished and re-grout the slabs using a resin or polymeric grout. Some of these use a dry brush-in technique and others are applied using the wet slurry process. Most specialist patio layers in Taunton will gladly help you with patio repointing, so speak to one near you to get an estimate.

Resin Bound Patios Taunton: A more recent invention which is predominately used for creating driveways in Taunton, but can equally be adapted for patios is the resin bound process. A resin bound surface is made up of a mixture of resin and aggregate stones which is mixed cold, on-site. The finished surface is permeable, allowing rain water to easily pass through it, avoiding the surface water problems that often occur with paving slabs. Resin bound patios are also attractive, hardwearing, relatively maintenance free, slip resistant, long lasting, weed resistant, available in lots of colours, UV stable and colour fast, they're additionally incredibly adaptable and can incorporate custom designs and logos, making them ideal for business as well as home use.

Patio Furniture Taunton: Once you've finished work on your patio you will be eager to choose some beautiful patio furniture to complete your new outdoor space. There is a lot to think about when picking patio furniture and you should take the same amount of time time over this decision as you would in acquiring furniture for the inside of your house. Throughout the summer months you are likely to spend more of your time sitting on your patio area than you do inside, so doing it correctly is important. You should not simply pack in as much furniture as you can, you should use the available space smartly. It's a nice concept to continue your colour scheme from the inside to the outside, this helps to maintain the smooth flow of the space.

Artificial Grass Taunton

Artificial Grass Taunton: Something that you may wish to look at rather than a patio is artificial grass, which is similarly low maintenance, long lasting but can be installed more cheaply than a paved patio and with less mess and disruption. Artificial grass looks similar to genuine grass, both from a distance and close up, but it never grows and never has to be mowed. If you are in need of a more cost effective solution for your precious garden space in Taunton, then artificial grass might be just the answer for you. Large areas stone and concrete can give a very stark appearance to your garden, the natural green colour of artificial grass is easier on the eye and much more calming. The cost of artificial grass in Taunton is similar to when using the cheapest quality paving but less than half the price of high end paving slabs.

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