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Tewkesbury Patio Layers (GL20): The minute springtime arrives every year most of us have thoughts about spending a lot more time outdoors and of course the garden (if you have one) is the most common place to achieve this. After a gloomy and wet winter in Tewkesbury, the garden will likely be just a muddy mess, therefore putting down a nice new patio should be the obvious solution to this problem. If you already have a patio but it has become out of level and overgrown with weeds you may be contemplating having a new one laid or perhaps getting the existing one re-laid if the paving slabs are still usable.

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While a modest patio project might well be something you could accomplish on your own should you be confident in this kind of undertaking, it is most likely that you'll need to get a skilled Tewkesbury patio layer to do the project for you, particularly for more complicated patios. It isn't simply the laying of your garden patio that you have to look at but also the removing and disposal of the waste materials plus the introduction of required patio materials.

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A reliable Tewkesbury patio contractor will advise you on exactly what you can and can't have, recommend and supply correct materials and come up with an ideal patio design for you to fit in with your available area. Request a sales brochure, most dependable patio layers will have access to a portfolio of assignments they have recently carried out in the Tewkesbury area. By using this portfolio you ought to be able to get an idea of just what your project will be like when it is complete, this will aid you to settle on your preferred materials and layout.

The Planning of Your Project: You may want to discuss with your chosen patio expert concerning specific things that should be decided during the planning stage, like: does the area need levelling out, what is the patioed area going to be used for, what patio materials are you planning to use, the measuring the area to be patioed, access to the patio, what is the perfect position for your patio, are there any obstacles in the way that you need to consider such as (drain covers, trees etc), does it need to slope away from buildings along with other concerns which your Tewkesbury patio contractor will explain.

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Getting the Area Ready: This step of the patio project includes the stripping and disposal of surface debris and old paving waste, digging up of the topsoil layer to get down to the more stable sub-soil, introduction of a sub-base or hardcore material and the resulting pressing down and levelling of this material, overlaying using a bedding material such as sharp sand.

Laying the Paving: When the area has all been prepared the patio layer will start installing the slabs, just how this process proceeds will depend upon the type of material you have chosen, and might be relatively uncomplicated if the area preparation was done properly and the final base is sound and flat.

Materials for Paving: Garden patios can be built from a whole host of different materials, the most commonplace being slate, slabs, blocks, concrete, asphalt, sandstone, bricks, gravel, limestone, cobbles, setts, composite materials and granite.

The climate in your area is another significant aspect that you need to take into consideration. Some patio materials may not be suitable for regions that experience severe winters or scorching heat as they can deteriorate or fracture over time. It is important to go with patio materials that are resilient and can tolerate the weather conditions in your area to make certain that your patio will survive for years to come.

When selecting materials for your patio in Tewkesbury, maintenance is a crucial factor to consider. Some materials require hardly any upkeep, whilst others might need frequent sealing, cleaning, or even replacement. Concrete slabs, for example, may require resealing every few years or so to prevent damage and staining, while sandstone, limestone and other natural stones might require routine cleaning and sealing to preserve their eye-catching quality.

Gravel Patios: Gravel is a quick, simple and cost-effective alternative for a patio, and you may even be able to lay this yourself, if you've got some rudimentary DIY skills. Even though, when talking about a patio, most folks visualise an area covered in concrete slabs, there are a host of other materials which can be utilised for this purpose, and gravel is among the best ways to create an attractive patio.

Gravel Patios Tewkesbury

Creating a patio with gravel is a lot less expensive than using concrete slabs or decking, and the end result is extremely durable and requires little or no maintenance (a big plus for most householders in Tewkesbury). A gravel patio is also simple to customise, since you can fashion it into pretty much any design that you want. Because it blends in beautifully with any hard-landscaping feature, you can hardly do better than gravel, if you would like a more natural looking patio. As the years pass and it weathers naturally, the gravel will seem like it has always been there. In places with high levels of rainfall, gravel patios are also better with regard to drainage, and can dramatically lower the chances of flooding. With more and more householders in Tewkesbury putting in solid patios and driveways, the flood risk increases. If you wish to move or remove your patio in the future, then the gravel option is by far the easiest material to shift or transfer.

Another good thing about choosing gravel for your patio is that maintaining it is hassle-free. Unlike other patio materials, like concrete or wood, gravel requires little or no upkeep, making it a popular choice for folks who want to enjoy their outdoor area without the bother of regular maintenance. To keep your gravel patio looking good, all you need to do is rake it from time to time to remove any debris that may have accumulated and to keep it level.

As well as being largely maintenance-free, gravel patios also provide good drainage, which can be especially useful in places that experience a lot of rainfall. This can help to reduce flooding and make sure that your patio remains usable all through the year, even in rainy weather. To further boost the drainage capabilities of your gravel patio, you may want to consider incorporating a French drain system or a perforated drain pipe underneath the surface, which can help to re-route unwanted water away from the patio and prevent waterlogging situations.

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Hard Landscaping Tewkesbury

Hard Landscaping Tewkesbury: When you hear the expression "hard landscaping" (or "hardscaping"), it pertains to external features of a garden like patios, driveways and pathways, in addition to any kind of garden architecture and design made from building materials. The term "soft landscaping" describes features made out of plant based materials such as grasses, shrubs and trees. Sometimes garden furniture could also be termed as "hard landscaping".

Patio Cleaning Tewkesbury

Patio Cleaning Tewkesbury

Patio Cleaning Tewkesbury: If you are in the process of installing a patio area, then patio cleaning isn't going to be something that you are considering right now, however once your patio has been laid routine cleaning is crucial to keep it looking like new. If you're extending or adding onto a pre-existing patio area then it might be advisable to get those old patio slabs cleaned up so that they match the newly laid slabs as closely as possible. Usually the cleaning of patios is done by high-pressure jet washing or chemical cleaning and most local Tewkesbury patio cleaning specialists will likely provide both of those services. Cleaning professionals in Tewkesbury use cutting edge high-pressure equipment for this purpose, and this tends to be far better than any commonplace jet washer that your typical householder might use for their exterior cleaning projects. (Tags: Patio Cleaning Tewkesbury, Jet Washing Patios Tewkesbury, Patio Jet Washing Tewkesbury)

Patio Ideas Tewkesbury

Patio Ideas Tewkesbury

Garden Patio Ideas Tewkesbury: When considering a design and layout for your patio, it is best to confer with a nearby Tewkesbury patio design specialist or landscaper from the get go, seeing as there is such an amazing array of possibilities to pick from. The design that you implement should suit the shape and size of your property, which you must always pay heed to, even when you're designing your own patio. You may decide that a basic square or rectangular shape on one level is all that is needed, but if you've got a sloping garden or want to make your patio stand out from the crowd, you could go crazy and merge diverse shapes on split levels.

Customized patios can be pricey so keep a check on your budget constantly and if you're aiming for a cheap patio, keep to a simple design. The shape of the garden and the overall space that is usable will affect particular design features of your patio, and your choices are likely to be somewhat restricted if you have not got much area to play with. Your local Tewkesbury patio specialist will advise and guide you on how best to proceed. Basically, a mosaic patio, a circular patio, a free form patio, a poured concrete patio, a split-level patio, a block paved patio, a york stone patio or a covered patio, are just a few of the possibilities. Have a look at Google Images or Flickr for further inspiration. (Tags: Patio Ideas Tewkesbury, Patio Design Tewkesbury, Patio Layouts Tewkesbury, Designs for Patios Tewkesbury)

Deck vs Patio - Which is Better?

Decking or Patio Tewkesbury?

Decking or patios provide a splendid area in even the smallest of gardens or backyards in Tewkesbury, for sitting back and relaxing. But, which suits your objectives best?

For homeowners who are working to a budget and worried about costs then decking takes the biscuit. Decking is less expensive and in most cases easier to lay than a same size slabbed patio. Some people point out that decking is expensive and challenging to maintain, however with modern composite materials this is no longer an issue. There'll be routine annual maintenance on both decking and patios; painting or staining, the sealing of surfaces etc, which is needed to keep them in their best condition.

Patios are favoured by folks wanting a more durable surface which can tolerate heavy usage regardless of the weather in Tewkesbury. Even if a slab breaks it doesn't usually affect its overall usability, and it can be quickly lifted and changed by an expert. This isn't the case for a cracked or broken decking plank, which will result in a weak area in the deck which causes a hazard and will have to be changed immediately. Both patios and decks are excellent alternatives that will provide an outdoor area for the whole family to enjoy in the future. (Tags: Patio vs Deck Tewkesbury, Decking vs Patio Tewkesbury, Patio or Deck Tewkesbury).

Patio Problems Tewkesbury

Issues With Tewkesbury Patios: Throughout this site I have dealt with many of the problems that can occur with a pre-existing patio, but to review, here are the key problems which are likely to occur with a patio: patio slabs which have become loose or unstable, weeds growing in the joints, dirty patio slabs, cracked or damaged paving slabs, patio edgings collapsing, sunken patio slabs, standing water due to poor drainage, trip hazards, stained patio slabs, slabs covered in lichen and moss.

Crazy Paving Patios

Crazy paving patios stand out from conventional uniform or linear-patterned patios with their artistic and unique approach to garden landscaping. Crazy paving is a type of paving that involves irregularly shaped and sized stones or concrete slabs arranged in an unpredictable mosaic-style pattern, also known as random paving. A mundane outdoor space can be made captivating with character and charm by using this patio style. Crazy paving is alluring because of its nonconformist appearance. Crazy paving embraces the irregularity of nature, unlike conventional patios with neat, symmetrical lines. This results in an eye-catching surface that appears almost organic, as if the patio has naturally evolved with time. The varying shapes and sizes of the stones create a visual texture that adds interest and depth to the space. (57913)

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