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Hereford Patio Layers (HR1): As the spring appears each year most of you have thoughts about spending much more time outdoors and of course the garden is the most common place for that to occur. After a wet and windy winter in Hereford, the garden may be a bit too muddy to walk on, so laying a clean new patio could be the obvious answer to make the garden usable. If you do currently have a patio but its starting to get uneven and overgrown with weeds you will probably be considering having a new one built or perhaps getting the old one re-laid if the slabs are still in a good state of repair.

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Do-it-yourself aficionados in Hereford will probably be perfectly willing to tackle this themselves, although laying a quality patio isn't as straightforward as you might think. Lesser patios will possibly covered by range of expertise of most do-it-yourselfers, though the larger more extensive patios are better left to the experts. Also remember that its not only the job of preparing a level base and laying the patio slabs that's necessary, it's also the digging out and disposal of a considerable amount of earth and rubble and perhaps the old patio waste if the job is a replacement. Work like this is going to be awkward and heavy and will at the very least require the use of a skip.

Patio Layers Hereford HR1

A big advantage of having a knowledgeable patio layer on the job, is that you can get expert advice about what is feasible with regard to your layout and space. They may also offer thoughts on the most suitable materials to do the job. Ask if you can see a few pictures of patios they have previously worked on in the Hereford area, this should provide you with an understanding of what might be practical in your back garden and just how it could look after it is finished.

Planning The Project: You should always check with your chosen patio layer with regards to certain considerations that have to be decided during the planning stage, like: the accurate measuring of the area to be patioed, easy access to the patio, what is the patio area to be used for, are there any obstacles to consider such as (trees, drains etc), does the area need to be levelled, what is the perfect location for your patio, what patio materials are to be used, do you need a gradient away from the property along with other criteria that your Hereford patio specialist will explain.

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Properly preparing the area where the patio is to be situated is crucial if the resulting patio is to be satisfactory. This preparation should include removing soil to an appropriate level, putting in a layer of hardcore, compacting this using a wacker plate and applying a final covering of sharp sand or similar bedding material.

Paving the Area: When the area has all been prepared your patio builder will commence laying the slabs, just how this process proceeds depends upon the materials you opted for, and might be quite straightforward as long as the area preparation was executed correctly and the base is level and sound.

Materials Used for Paving: Patios can be constructed from lots of different materials, the most common being gravel, blocks, slabs, composite slabs, concrete, granite, limestone, cobbles, setts, bricks, asphalt, slate and sandstone.

The climate in your area is another significant aspect that you need to take into consideration. Certain materials may not be appropriate for regions that have scorching heat or severe winters since they could deteriorate or fracture with time. It is essential to choose materials that are long-lasting and can tolerate the climatic conditions in your area to make certain that your patio will stay sound for years to come.

It's important to take maintenance into account when picking materials for your patio in Hereford, because some options require more upkeep than others. While some patio materials may need little or no upkeep, others may require regular cleaning, sealing or even replacement. For instance, concrete slabs might require re-sealing every few years to prevent staining and damage, whereas natural stone options like limestone or sandstone may require regular cleaning and sealing to keep up their appearance.

Gravel Patios: For a quick, simple and cost-effective patio you could think about using gravel, and you might even be able to build your own gravel patio if you're a DIY fan. There are many different ways to create a patio in your garden, and although most people automatically visualise an area covered with concrete slabs, there are of course other options, and gravel is one of the most attractive materials for achieving this.

Gravel Patios Hereford

Creating a patio with gravel is a lot less expensive than using concrete paving slabs or patio decking, and the end result is extremely durable and requires little or no maintenance (a huge plus point for most property owners in Hereford). A gravel patio is also simple to customise, because you can fashion it into practically any design or shape that you want. And not only that - you can easily change it in the future if you fancy a different look, or have to allow for some extra landscaping features. As it blends in nicely with practically any landscaping feature, you will find it hard to do better than gravel, if you want a more natural look for your patio. In areas with high rainfall where there is a major flood risk, gravel patios offer better drainage and can help to lower this risk. With more and more folks in Hereford building solid driveways and patios, the risk of flooding increases. If at a later date, you wish to remove or move your patio, gravel is the easiest material to shift or transfer.

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Garden Path Installers Hereford

Garden Path Installation Hereford (01432)

Just about any garden in Hereford can be transformed with the help of a skillfully laid garden path. There are a whole host of pathway materials available to give colour and texture to any garden, which a dull concrete strip, whilst functional, just can't offer. Talk with a specialist company and get inspiration from a multitude of options that look good, and will last a lifetime of use.

It might be the case that there are certain constraints in force on the types of materials you can use to build a new garden path. This is typically related to permitting surface water to permeate, or trickle through it. Fortunately, modern pathway materials enable a professional patio and path installation specialist to construct a garden path that satisfies local regulations, and your desire for a great looking and functional walkway.

A competent Hereford installer will be able to build a pathway that suits your garden and home; be it a contemporary, straight-lined modern path, to a traditional flag or cobblestone path for a cottage. (Tags: Garden Paths Hereford, Garden Path Pavers Hereford, Garden Path Installers Hereford, Garden Path Installation Hereford).

Patio Cleaning Hereford

Patio Cleaning Hereford

Patio Cleaning Hereford: If you're laying a whole new patio in Hereford then you'll probably not immediately be thinking about patio cleaning, though you'll need to be doing this regularly so as to keep your new patio looking in tip top condition. It will be a slightly different scenario if you are planning to extend or add to a patio that is already there. In this instance you'll more than likely have to clean up the old slabs so they blend in with the new slabs, or else the entire patio will look a bit of a mess. In most cases the cleaning of patios is achieved by pressure washing or chemical cleaning and most local Hereford patio cleaning specialists will likely offer both of those services. Specialised high-pressure equipment is used by the experts, and this is way better than the type of shop bought jet washer that you or I might have in our garage or shed for external cleaning purposes.

Resin Patios Hereford

Resin Bound Driveways and Patios Hereford: A more recent innovation which is mainly used for driveways in Hereford, but can also be used for patios is the resin bound system. A resin bound surface is made up of a mixture of coloured aggregate stones and resin which is mixed on-site, cold. The finished surface is permeable, permitting water to pass through it, avoiding some of the flooding problems that occasionally arise with paved areas. Resin bound patios are also UV stable, non-slip, long lasting, relatively maintenance free, attractive, hardwearing, weed resistant, available in different colours and colour fast, they're furthermore very adaptive and can readily incorporate bespoke logos and designs, making them ideal for commercial as well as residential use. (Tags: Resin Bound Driveways Hereford, Resin Patios Hereford)

Decking vs Patio

Decking or Patio Hereford?

You've found a spot in your garden in Hereford that's the perfect position for relaxing outside, and you wish to install a deck or a patio. But, what's the best option?

If it's down to initial cost, then decking wins hands down. If you look into the installation and materials costs for a deck over a stone or slab patio of an equivalent size, decking works out a lot cheaper. If you are anxious about the long-term maintenance of a timber deck you could use composite materials which need less maintenance and have a longer life. There'll be routine annual maintenance on both patios and decking; painting or staining, sealing surfaces etc, which is essential to keep them in the best possible condition.

If you favour a hard wearing and durable area, this is where a patio comes out on top. These hard surfaces will last a lifetime, and even if a slab cracks or breaks, it's not going to affect the overall structure of the patio and can be quickly exchanged. This is not so for a split or damaged decking plank, which will create a weakened area in the deck causing a risk and will have to be replaced immediately. Both decks and patios are fantastic options that will provide an outside space for the entire family to enjoy for many years to come. (Tags: Patio vs Decking Hereford, Deck vs Patio Hereford, Deck or Patio Hereford).

Patio Ideas Hereford

Patio Ideas Hereford

Patio Design Ideas Hereford: Because the possibilities for the layout and design of your patio are pretty much endless, you will need to speak to a patio builder in Hereford regarding what will suit the shape and size of your garden area. If you look at most gardens in Hereford, you'll find that they've got a patio that's square or rectangular in shape, and is set on just one level, but there are loads of alternatives, and to make your patio stick out from the crowd or allow for a fiercely sloping garden for example, you could use unique shapes on different levels.

If you're looking for a cheap patio, then you should keep it as basic as you can, since bespoke patios can be costly. Depending on the arrangement of your garden and the volume of space that's available for a patio, your choice of design and style could be restricted. To find out the best way to proceed, speak to your chosen patio specialist in Hereford. There are plenty of potential options, such as: a mosaic patio, a circular patio, a covered patio, a pattern-imprinted concrete patio, a split-level patio, a brick patio, a flagstone patio or a free form patio. Have a look around Google Images or Flickr to get more inspirational ideas.

Patio Sealing Hereford

Patio and Driveway Sealing Hereford: Applying sealer is a great way to protect your paved area, path, driveway or patio in Hereford and is extremely effective for areas of block paving where the sand is often flushed out of the joints while cleaning. Sealing inhibits this damaging loss of sand which is a typical issue when power jetting in particular. This isn't the only benefit of sealing which should also prolong the lifespan of your patio or driveway, avert staining, reduce the necessity for repairs, enhance the colour of your paving blocks or slabs, inhibit the growth of weed, moss and grass and make the paved area easier and quicker to clean. Patio and pavement sealers are waterproof and shouldn't peel or blister, various kinds are available for different finishes including block paving sealers, tarmac restorers, natural stone sealers and imprinted concrete sealers. (Tags: Driveway Sealing Hereford, Patio Sealing Hereford)

Patio Furniture Hereford

Patio Furniture Hereford: Once you have finished work on your patio you'll have to purchase some comfortable patio furniture to complete your new outside space. There is lots to think about when picking patio furniture and you should take the same amount of time time over this part of the process as you would selecting furniture for the inside of your house. During the summer months you'll probably spend more of your time sitting on your patio than you do in the house, so doing it correctly is important. You should not just pack in as much furniture as you can, you should utilize the available space shrewdly. It might be a nice concept to continue your colour scheme from the interior to the exterior, this helps to maintain the natural flow of the space.

Patio Edging Hereford

Patio Edging Hereford

Patio Edgings Hereford: Adding a lovely edging to your patio area is the best way to give it a nice finish. How this is accomplished will of course depend on your chosen style and layout. There are several kinds of edgings for patios, although they'll not all be suited to your specific patio finish, so be sure to choose the right product if you want to go for an edging. Your choices will probably be between a coping stone edging, a kerbstone edging, a short brick wall edging, a blockwork/brick edging or a wavy stone edging. If you are a bit confused and want to know what will look best with your patio, speak to your Hereford patio layer. Their portfolio of past patios will most likely feature hundreds of pics of patio edgings that they have used previously.

Hard Landscaping Hereford

Hard Landscaping Hereford: What is often known as hard landscaping or hardscaping is the introduction of solid shapes which give your garden structure and form. Water features, fences and decking are considered to be hard landscaping, as are pathways, patios and drives, which are all created from "hard" building materials. Garden elements made of plant related materials are known as "soft landscaping", which covers mulch, trees, shrubs and lawns. I suppose, at a push, you might even label garden furniture to be hard landscaping. (Tags: Garden Hard Landscaping Hereford, Hard Landscaping Hereford, Hard Landscaping Ideas Hereford)

Artificial Grass Hereford

Artificial Grass Hereford (HR1)

Artificial Lawns Hereford: Something which you might want to look at rather than a paved patio is artificial grass, which is equally long lasting and low maintenance but can be installed more cheaply than a stone patio and with less mess and disruption. Artificial grass looks the same as genuine grass, both close up and from afar, but it never has to be mowed and never grows. If you're on the lookout for a more economical solution for your precious garden space in Hereford, then artificial grass might be just the perfect alternative for you. Large areas concrete and stone can give a very drab appearance to your garden, the natural green colour of artificial grass is easier on the eye and more soothing. The cost of artificial grass in Hereford is similar to when using cheap quality paving but less than half the cost of higher end patio slabs.

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